Pump Up Your Customer Experience with These 5 CX Methods

These 5 Critical CX Methods are an absolute must when sorting out what to do next. Whatever your Business Strategy is, you need to get and keep customers...
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5 Critical CX Methods to Remain Competitive

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, delivering exceptional customer experiences is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With customers becoming more demanding and discerning, businesses need to stay ahead of the competition by embracing innovative CX methods..

We can all agree that change is a constant. But when you apply Moore’s Law, change looks more like a hockey stick than a straight line. This downforce is creating compression, disruption, and opportunity. All sitting in the same bucket, at the same time. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, & Low Code-No Code have blow the doors off of technology iteration.

“Becoming Customer Centric is not a light switch”

From my early days in business transformation working as a turnaround consultant, I coined a phrase when encountering a problem…”so what”, I would say.  It was less a statement than it was a question. 

We all know,  to some degree or another, that this disruption is happening around us. So what! The question is… “now that we know, what are we going to do about it?”. Let’s agree on one thing first, customers pay all the bills. So, getting and keeping customers, and what it means to do that, would seem to be priority one.

Becoming Customer Centric is not a light switch, it is a journey, where culture, technology, process, and organizational structure are directed on a path of alignment and synergy. One must move from “Aspiration” to “Action” or what I like to term the “Do Mindset”.  That means building a legit practice of CX and “practicing” that competency on the daily.

“if You are going to uplevel your CX, start here”.

In a perfect world, there is a way to get your Customer Experience Strategy dialed in before you fine tune your technology. The ActivateCX Framework is the best way I know to get that done quickly.

However, if you are itching to drive change and need the ultimate short list, the 5 CX Methods Below will get you moving forward.

Find Out What Channels Your Customers are On and Meet them there

Step one is to form your own internally funded line of credit. Banks are odd creatures that typically lend money when you need it the least. Give yourself 6 months to wean yourself off of your bank LOC. As part of your cash management strategy move money to accounts that function as reserves that are ear marked for either operational projects, critical expenditures, or capital investment. This fund accounting mindset always lets you know what you have in the tank because cash is not conflated with multi-purpose needs. Also your balance sheet becomes even more readable by executives and stakeholders.

Help Your Salespeople and CSM's Have Great Conversations

With Agent Assist, agents can rely on AI-driven tools to provide real-time guidance during customer interactions, ensuring consistent conversations and increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, automating note-taking and updating CRM systems accurately can reduce training costs and enhance agent performance, resulting in a positive impact on the bottom line.

Allow Customer Facing People to Handle Complexity, Automate Everywhere Else

With Self-Service, businesses can empower their customers by offering personalized information and resources, reducing the need for follow-up calls or high-touch customer service interactions. By allowing customers to find solutions themselves or enter fast track digital experiences, businesses can create a more efficient and satisfying experience for the customer while creating breathing space for customer support teams to handle more complex issues.

Use a Better Customer Understanding to Personalize Experience

By tailoring interactions to individual customer preferences, businesses can create engaging and memorable experiences that foster loyalty and brand advocacy. Leveraging data insights to deliver targeted offers (timely and relevant) and recommendations also increases the likelihood of sales conversions, particularly in cases where the customer is on the fence or has had a bad experience.

Figure out Integration and Data To Solve for X (Experience)

Integrating customer data and systems and bridging the gaps between various touchpoints helps create a seamless experience for customers, increases visibility into the entire customer journey, and provides a holistic and individualized view of each customer profile. This ensures that every interaction with the customer feels personal, and customers feel engaged with the business. Overall, integration is an essential technique that helps businesses keep pace with customer demands, automate processess, and deliver memorable customer experiences.

My sense is that if you focus your efforts, like a Roman (per Marcus), on these 5 Critical CX methods, one can do more than weather the storm.  You should be able to keep clients and grow, motivate and keep the best people, right size your operations, and build a better mouse trap. For each of these methods, there is a better and faster way to effect change, and that is what we can help you achieve.

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